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It’s About Time Justin Bieber Worked With David Guetta

This is bound to be a hit.

As Justin Bieber continues his smart quest to become the new Chris Brown of features while in between albums, he has finally welcomed a collaboration that’s long overdue. Bieber and David Guetta have a new song together, “2U,” that might be Bieber’s best shot at a “Where Are Ü Now” sequel. It’s also a close cousin to last year’s dance hit with DJ Snake, “Let Me Love You,” but on a grander scale. Even its lyric video wants you to know this is a big deal — there are Victoria’s Secret models lip-syncing the song on various scenic rooftops. In the last month alone, any song Bieber has touched has gone to No. 1 (DJ Khaled’s “I’m the One,” and Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s “Despacito” remix), so it’s not a stretch to imagine “2U” working its way to the top, too — if it doesn’t go straight there. Aside from being decent summer bait, “2U” will be an experiment in what happens when you pair two of the most prolific hit-makers of the last ten years.

Hear Justin Bieber and David Guetta’s New Song, ‘2U’