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Let Smooth Jazz Be Your Summer Cocktail Flavor With New Kenny G–Branded Liquor

Gin ambassador. Photo: Theo Wargo/Getty Images

If you’ve ever taken a sip of a delicious, cold cocktail and instantly heard a smooth jazz-saxophone solo ringing in your ears then either you’re the perfect customer for a Kenny G–branded spirit or you were getting tipsy at your dentist’s office (been there!). According to the AV Club, the musician is working with liquor company Hana Gin on this latest tipsy endeavor. In addition to serving as co-owner of the San Francisco–based distillery, Kenny G is using the gin for a series of special cocktails that will be sold at venues where he’s performing. And yes, they’ve already planned a “Kenny G&T,” which mixes your normal, non-jazzy gin-and-tonic with a splash of Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur and “a squeeze of orange.” Though the press release doesn’t mention this, we assume the fans are already demanding a “Forever Gin Love” option.

It’s Summer and Kenny G Has Branded Cocktails to Sell You