The Linda Tripp and Monica Lewinsky Drama Linda and Monica Heads to Amazon

Photo: William Philpott/AFP/Getty Images

While most of us probably wouldn’t want to revisit a friendship that ended with our lunch buddy recording our private conversations and handing them over to the feds, Amazon Studios is banking on the fact we as a nation are ready to revisit Monica Lewinsky’s ill-fated friendship with co-worker Linda Tripp, having just purchased screenwriter Flint Wainess’s Black List script Linda and Monica. As you might recall whether you want to or not, Lewinsky and Tripp met while working in the Pentagon’s public affairs office. After becoming close, Lewinsky revealed her affair with then-president Bill Clinton to Tripp, who surreptitiously recorded the details of their conversations for months. Tripp later turned over her recordings to Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr who determined Clinton had perjured himself by denying the relationship under oath while testifying in the sexual-harassment lawsuit Jones v. Clinton. The rest, of course, is history, history Amazon better re-create as soon as possible. American Crime Story also has a Monica Lewinsky season in the pipeline, and there’s really only so many “Linda Tripp argues convincingly why Monica shouldn’t dry-clean that blue dress” scenes America can reasonably stomach or stand for.

Linda Tripp and Monica Lewinsky Drama Heads to Amazon