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Mike Myers Is Unrecognizable As the Cheeky British Host in the Gong Show Trailer

If you caught the trailer for The Gong Show reboot and were left wondering, Why is this ‘legendary’ dude I’ve never heard of stealing work from game-show king Steve Harvey? then you, too, were fooled by “Tommy Maitland.” This tuxedo-wearing “cheeky monkey” is, if we’re to believe reports, actually Mike Myers going full Method as his latest cocky British character. Though it might be hard to believe, if you ignore the prosthetics on his face and focus on the character’s dance moves, those motions do seem familiar. “Maitland” is taking over the hosting duties made famous by the late, great Chuck Barris, who created the talent contest in the 1970s. Like the original, terrible acts can be stopped by the clash of a gigantic gong. This iteration premieres June 22 on ABC.

Mike Myers Is Unrecognizable As Host in Gong Show Trailer