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The U.K.’s Misfits Is Getting a U.S. Reboot, Joining Freeform’s Growing Superhero Roster

Photo: E4

House of Cards, The Office, and now Misfits? A few of America’s most successful TV shows happen to be reboots of their groundbreaking British counterparts, and it appears that Misfits is the next British import looking to succeed on American soil. Deadline reports that Freeform has given a pilot order to Misfits, based on the British show about troubled teens who gain superpowers after an electrical storm because, uh, science!

After its previous stint on the E4 Network, Misfits, which felt like the supernaturally gifted cousin of the show Skins, will find itself right at home on Freeform. The channel already has two Marvel shows about kids with powers — Cloak and Dagger and New Warriors — but Misfits, with its Breakfast Club–like cast of moody teens — a spoiled party girl, an arrogant football player, a street-smart girl with anger issues, and a boastful con artist — will prove to be a different sort of superhero program. While you probably haven’t heard of most of the actors cast, Bobby Cannavale’s son Jake is one of the leads (justice for Bobby Cannavale!). Let’s hope Jake’s character turns out to be slightly less of an asshole than Bobby’s Chef Jeff in Master of None.

The U.K.’s Misfits Is Getting a U.S. Reboot on Freeform