Naomi Watts Is a Bad Therapist in the Trailer for Netflix’s Gypsy


Pop quiz: Which is the best Naomi Watts? Is it (a) frantic, concerned mother Naomi, (b) “Surprise, I’m great in comedies!” Naomi, or (c) pursuing inappropriate and toxic sexual relationships Naomi? While there’s an argument to be made for each option, the correct answer is C, because the Aussie actress is truly in top form when she’s engaging in kinky, scary, or extremely ill-advised sexual relations onscreen. Mulholland Drive, 21 Grams, We Don’t Live Here Anymore, Adore, The Painted Veil, and now her new Netflix show, Gypsy, all feature Watts in taboo territory, and she gives it her all. Here, in the first trailer for Gypsy, we see Watts, a therapist, narrating a kind of Hippocratic Oath with quick cuts to Watts doing things very not connected to the spirit of do no harm: “I will not violate the physical boundaries of the patient.” Oh, Naomi. Yes you will, girl.

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Naomi Watts Is a Bad Therapist in the Gypsy Trailer