Nathan Fielder Pretended to Play Guitar for Mac DeMarco on Last Night’s ‘Conan’

While we’re still waiting for Comedy Central to announce when the new season of Nathan for You premieres, Nathan Fielder is keeping very busy these days. Not only is he continuing to raise Holocaust awareness through his jacket company Summit Ice, but if you happened to catch Mac DeMarco’s performance during last night’s Conan, you might have discovered that Fielder has taken on a new gig as DeMarco’s guitarist. Fielder performed with DeMarco before at last year’s FYF Fest, and during the Conan performance he continued the tradition of either tuning his guitar, moving a capo around, or just standing there instead of actually playing while the rest of the band do their thing. It’s an easy gig for Fielder, and I wouldn’t blame him if he left TV to do this full-time.

Nathan Fielder Pretended to Play Guitar for Mac […]