New Images Offer a Few Hints About Jay Z’s Upcoming Visual Album 4:44

Is a tiny trickle of intriguing news more or less exciting than a Beyoncé-style album drop? Tidal and Sprint are scheduled to release Jay Z’s 4:44 on Friday, which gives you a few more days to get worked up about the whos, whats, and wheres of Hova’s upcoming visual album. The 4:44 trailer revealed both “Adnis,” an emotional song about Jay Z’s late father, as well as a black-and-white boxing scene starring Mahershala Ali and Danny Glover. Now British producer-songwriter Jeymes Samuel, stage name the Bullitts, allegedly let images slip via Instagram Live photos taken on the 4:44 set. As @JAY_Z_Daily tweeted, the pictures reveal Jesse Williams, Ron Perlman, and Emile Hirsch, among other actors, in a prison cafeteria, definitely not in black and white. When considered alongside the trailer, it seems 4:44 will at least, like Lemonade, be comprised of different visual styles, on top of utilizing a whole host of famous performers. It’s by no means a competition, and if it was Beyoncé would surely win, but it can’t be denied that Lemonade had a noticeable lack of Emile Hirsch. For those die-hard Hirsch Heads out there, that might make all the difference.

New Images Offer a Few Hints About Jay Z’s Visual Album 4:44