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Watch the Cast and Crew of The Beguiled Work, Work Through Their Corsets Lip-Syncing Hamilton’sSchuyler Sisters’

Nicole Kidman, one of our most devastating film (and television) actresses, is a not-so-secret goofball, as evidenced by her love of participating in sing-alongs in cars and in this video, a “Schuyler Sisters” lip sync with the cast and crew of The Beguiled. The clip, an entry into Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton-themed #Ham4All challenge, centers on the young actresses playing the kids in the Sofia Coppola film, but also includes plenty of silly hand gestures from Kidman, plus cameos from Elle Fanning, Kirsten Dunst, and the film’s resident hunk Colin Farrell. Work!

Nicole Kidman and The Beguiled Cast Lip-Sync to Hamilton