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Queen Sugar Producer Says Oprah Thought About Maybe Running for President After Trump’s Election

Oprah for President.

Somewhere in America, Oprah is rolling her eyes. She’s not running for president, friends! Not now, not with Van Jones, and not ever, according to Gayle. During a panel at the ATX Television Festival, however, Queen Sugar producer Paul Garnes hinted that Oprah might have once signaled that maybe it was possibly kinda on her mind. Per Deadline, in a discussion about TV in postelection America, Garnes said: “One of my EPs on Queen Sugar thought maybe she’d run for president and she’s Oprah.” Kudos to Garnes for figuring out the most majestic way to mention this. As for Oprah: Let’s do Winfrey-Hanks 2020.

Oprah Reportedly Thought About Running for President