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Pretty Little Liars’ Costume Designers Pick Their Favorite Looks From the Series

Photo: Eric McCandless/ABC FAMILY

When considering the hundreds and hundreds of outfits that the leading ladies of Pretty Little Liars have worn over the course of the show’s seven seasons, a few trends immediately jump out. Aria loves her vibrant motorcycle jackets! Emily needs her athleisurewear! Everyone appreciates inappropriate funeral attire! With only a few more episodes of daring fashion shenanigans upon us, Vulture decided to seek the wisdom of PLL’s costume designers — Mandi Line (who held the title from season one to the middle of season six) and Cameron Dale (who took over the rest of the series) — to learn about their favorite looks from the show. Although they each have their own preferred aesthetics, they both agree: It’s somehow always fall in Rosewood.

Pretty Little Liars’ Costume Designers Pick Their Best Looks