Prophets of Rage’s New Video Is Essentially a Michael Moore–Directed Documentary Reminding the World We’re Screwed

Michael Moore has multiple projects in the works that will all aim to, once again, expose the American political system for the travesty that it has become. This work will inevitably require sifting through hours and hours of news footage that visually explains how we got here, and, already, Moore is testing out the best clips to use in the video for rock supergroup Prophets of Rage’s new song, “Unfuck the World.” Moore directed the video, which features several shots of Donald Trump — including that whole orb meme — and other political images throughout history, but especially focusing on the last few months. Its most effective moment comes from juxtaposing Kendall Jenner’s tone-deaf Pepsi commercial (the one where a can of soda was supposed to diffuse racial tension with police) with the real-life instantly iconic image of a Black Lives Matter protester standing resilient in front of a barricade of police in riot gear while being handcuffed in Baton Rouge last year. If that commercial angered you then, it’s going to have you seething seeing it depicted this way now.

Watch Prophets of Rage’s New Michael Moore–Directed Video