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Rick and Morty’s Newest Trailer Finally Reveals Season 3’s Premiere Date

Good news, Rick and Morty fans: You won’t have to travel to a different dimension to get to see the long-awaited third season of the show. The show’s return was reportedly delayed because “it took long to write,”according to showrunner Dan Harmon. Well, it would seem Harmon’s self-admitted perfectionism has finally paid off: According to the new trailer above, fans will get to see the 2-D, burp-talking mad scientist and his worrywart of a grandson back on Adult Swim on July 30. In addition to revealing the premiere date, the trailer features all of the hilarious weirdness viewers have come to expect from the series: Rick driving a big rig à la Mad Max: Fury Road, Morty using an enlarged arm to choke a man in a bathtub, and a pickle version of Rick named, you guessed it, “Pickle Rick.” If Rick in the trailer is to be believed, this third season will truly be the “darkest year” of Rick and Morty’s adventures.

Rick and Morty Trailer Reveals Season 3’s Premiere Date