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Salma Hayek Is an Extremely Good Late-Night TV Guest

Salma Hayek Pinault is currently making the rounds promoting her very good film Beatriz at Dinner, and honestly, we should all be thankful. Salma Hayek is one of our finest late-night TV guests, because like the best guests, Hayek quickly moves on from whatever projects she’s plugging and happily tells weird stories from her life. And like an Oscar-nominated Carrie Bradshaw who happens to be married to a French billionaire, Salma Hayek has a lot of stories to tell. Last night on The Late Late Show With James Corden, she spun a tale about scuba diving too deep that somehow ends up being about farts.

Then, there’s the time Salma Hayek told Jimmy Fallon, who was not ready for the intensity of this story, about the time she thought her husband was having an affair with a language tutoring app.

Salma Hayek’s rich French husband owns a soccer team, and she does not understand why French soccer fans are not nearly as intense as she is.

Salma Hayek once tried to convince her rich French husband that she was having an affair so he would let her adopt a puppy.

The first time Salma Hayek met Danny Trejo, she discovered that he had a gigantic tattoo of a woman who looked exactly like her.

Anyway, late-night TV bookers, please keep booking Salma Hayek on your shows. Thank you.

Why Salma Hayek Is an Extremely Good Late-Night TV Guest