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Samantha Bee’s Message to Donald Trump: Keep Calm and Delete Your Account

Samantha Bee wants Donald Trump to return to a piece of sage advice a woman gave him almost exactly a year ago: “Delete your account.” In the wake of two terror attacks in London, what was the best President Trump could offer? “A fuck-you card to London saying, ‘Be more terrified.’ London does not need us to tell them to be scared, Pumpkin Spice!” Bee says. “They’ve been weathering invasions, attacks, and dark wizards since before America even existed.” The only good to come from the Twitter feed of a president who watches Fox News’ hourly terror-focused segments? Future Supreme Court exhibits. Instead of typing away on his phone, Bee suggests the president respect our allies and recall how our own country got started: “We’re the ones who couldn’t hack it over there.”

Sam Bee on Trump’s Tweets: Keep Calm and Delete Your Account