Samantha Bee on Jeff Sessions: “Trump Nominated a VHS Tape of Reefer Madness to Run His Justice Department”

With all the constant news updates about Donald Trump and the Russia investigation, it can be easy for other important news stories to get lost in the chaos. Thankfully, during last night’s Full Frontal, Samantha Bee highlighted one of the most potentially damaging stories when she focused on Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who wants to bring back the war on drugs and enforce maximum punishments for nonviolent drug offenders and thinks that marijuana is dangerous and, in his words, “Good people don’t smoke marijuana.” “Sessions doesn’t realize that prison sentences are like penises: longer isn’t always better. 7 inches? Sure. 56 inches? That is not good for anyone,” Bee says. “Face it: Nobody’s with you on your ‘Make America Incarcerate Again’ mission, Dobby. Let’s hope today’s rumors are true, and that your cranky boss is about to throw a dirty sock at you and set you free.”

Full Frontal followed it up with another great segment on drug field test kits in Texas, which breaks down why they not only don’t work but send innocent people to jail – and how racism plays a huge part in that injustice:

Samantha Bee on Jeff Sessions: “Trump Nominated a VHS […]