Samantha Bee’s Segment on Child Marriage in the US Will Make You Want to Throw Things

Here’s a clip from last night’s Full Frontal, where Samantha Bee highlights a young Girl Scout in New Hampshire who attempted to make child marriage in her state illegal, only for State Representative David Bates to dismiss her because she’s, you know, a little girl who should have no power to repeal laws in her state. “Yeah, what does she know? She’s just a minor! She shouldn’t get to make a decision about something as important as marriage!” Bee says. Shockingly, child marriage is a problem that extends to all 50 states, and multiple politicians like Chris Christie have used excuses like “religious freedom” and “cultural traditions” to veto bills that would ban it: “You’d think that Governor Christie would be more sympathetic to those finding themselves trapped in a cruel, coercive relationship with an older man.”

Despite all the older men in the government who are blocking the ban, though, isn’t this an issue pretty much all of us agree on? “Look, marriage is a complex institution that means different things to different people, but we’ve learned that changing marriage laws doesn’t make the sky fall,” Bee says. “So I hope we as Americans can finally agree that no one who has downloaded a Fifth Harmony album in the past three years is mature enough to get married, and no one who has never heard of Fifth Harmony should be able to force her to.”

Samantha Bee’s Segment on Child Marriage in the US […]