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Seth Meyers Roasts Trump Over Investigation With DJ Khaled Catchphrase: ‘Congratulations, You Played Yourself’

Well, Trump’s birthday is officially over, and if the commander-in-chief blew out his candles yesterday wishing for the FBI to stop their investigation into his potential obstruction of justice, then — like a post-birthday hangover — today must have been tough to get through. On Late Night, host Seth Meyers was quick to illustrate how Trump’s frustration with Comey over Comey not letting everyone know Trump wasn’t under investigation might have led to Trump’s being under investigation. Seth broke down the timeline of events: Comey refused Trump’s request to announce that Trump wasn’t under investigation, then Trump fired Comey, and because Trump fired Comey, Trump is now under investigation. Oh, the sweet irony! Of course, Seth invoked the “immortal words” of DJ Khaled when talking about Trump: “Congratulations, you played yourself.” Khaled would probably be calling this invocation a Major Key.

Seth Meyers Roasts Trump With DJ Khaled Catchphrase