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Seth Meyers Proves That Trump Is As Clueless About Health Care As a Grandma Playing Call of Duty

As Seth Meyers points out on Late Night, the draconian disaster that is the Republican health-care bill currently has an approval rating — 12 percent — that’s equivalent to that of an iPhone battery in a horror film. Perhaps the bill’s unpopularity stems from the fact that Trump seemingly has no idea what the actual details of his health-care bill entail. At one point during his Closer Look segment, Meyers compared Trump’s woeful lack of understanding of the bill — legislation he’s generally labeled as “great,” “fantastic,” and “so good” — to that of a grandmother playing Call of Duty: “Which one is me? Why can’t I go that way? Oh, no, they’re shooting at us.” Hopefully, this hypothetical grandmother’s Call of Duty character has better coverage than the kind Senate Republicans are trying to pass into law.

Seth Meyers Proves How Clueless Trump Is About Health Care