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Seth Rogen Has Been Trolling the Hell Out of Donald Trump Jr. in His Twitter DMs

Twitter 101: Do not, under any circumstances, follow someone who publicly loathes you and your famous father. Particularly if said father is the president of the United States. Because, as Donald Trump Jr. will quickly discover when he checks his phone this morning, you will be trolled mercilessly even in a private domain. Seth Rogen has revealed he’s been sliding into Trump’s son’s DMs to politely advise that he ask his father to quit while he’s ahead and go back to show business for the good of all humanity. So far, Trump Jr. has yet to respond — you can imagine he gets plenty of these messages — which is why Stephen Colbert (whom Trump Jr. also follows, tsk-tsk) joined Rogen for some additional trolling of his own on The Late Show last night. But even when Trump Jr. inevitably blocks the both of them, it still won’t live up to the great inexplicable Twitter beef of 2017: Seth Rogen vs. Rob Schneider. Oh, to get a look at those DMs.

Seth Rogen Keeps Trolling Donald Trump Jr. in Twitter DMs