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Stephen Colbert Has a Whole Russia Week on the Late Show Planned So Trump Can See What He Got Up To

After a not-so-covert operation in Russia last week, Stephen Colbert has returned from his trip to America’s co-conspirator ready to share the findings of his investigation. The Late Show will air an entire Russia Week (though it’s unclear when), which will show exactly what Colbert and his crew got up to on their visits to “Tsar-a-Lago.” Were Pussy Riot his tour guides? Did he, too, interview Vladimir Putin? Is stowaway Jared Kushner still locked in a suitcase somewhere at the Ed Sullivan Theater? These questions and more — like what that maybe-not-fake presidential-run announcement on Russian late-night was all about — will be answered on the full top-secret tapes. (Not those.) Someone adjust all of Trump’s TVs accordingly.

Stephen Colbert Will Do a Whole Russia Week on the Late Show