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What Is Stephen Colbert Doing in Russia?

Photo: CBS

Well, that’s the million ruble question. Stephen Colbert is in Russia right now, and while it’s unclear exactly what he’s doing over there, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that we’ll definitely be seeing his antics over in Mother Russia on a future episode of The Late Show. In response to Donald Trump’s tweet in which he admitted to not having taped former FBI director James Comey’s conversations despite previously insinuating that he had, the Late Show host announced he was in Russia and took a dig at the president:

Colbert is following in the footsteps of a few other television hosts who have made the trip to Russia recently. Megyn Kelly interviewed Vladimir Putin earlier this month, and John Oliver visited in 2015 to interview Edward Snowden. While The Late Show is on a brief hiatus tonight and Friday, perhaps we can expect to see what Colbert and his team taped in Russia next week when Colbert returns on Monday.

Stephen Colbert Is in Russia for Future Late Show Segment