Steve Carell and Jimmy Fallon Trade ‘Dana Carvey Show’ Audition Stories

Here’s a clip from last night’s Tonight Show, where Steve Carell responds to the news that he’s the internet’s new favorite silver fox: “You know what? My wife finally said she’s in love with me.” Fallon and Carell also chat about Carell’s time on The Dana Carvey Show, which Fallon auditioned for bit didn’t get thanks to Louis C.K. not liking him. “Before I auditioned for The Dana Carvey Show, I had an agent who told me ‘If something doesn’t happen soon, you should get out of the business,’” Carell says. “My agent said ‘It’s over,’ and then I moved to New York and I got this, and she wasn’t my agent anymore.”

Check out some more clips from Carell’s appearance below, plus the “Waiters Who Are Nauseatred by Food” Dana Carvey Show sketch Carell and Fallon talk about:

Steve Carell and Jimmy Fallon Trade ‘Dana Carvey Show’ […]