Stop What You’re Doing and Watch Conner O’Malley and Joe Pera’s ‘’ Pilot

It’s been a while since we last heard from Conner O’Malley’s Trump superfan character Mark Seevers from TruthHunters, but thankfully, the wait was worth it. So worth it that O’Malley just released a half-hour TV pilot he made with Joe Pera called, which was sadly not given a series order. In the pilot, we learn how things have been for Seevers since Trump won the election (Spoiler alert: Things are going GREAT!), how he gets along with his much more responsible brother Steven (played by Pera), what it was like to be at Trump’s inauguration, and his big interview with Alex Jones. We also get an update on New Jersey’s #1 Masturbator Tony Camarabi from the 2017 Porn Awards, a slightly more dramatic version of O’Malley’s Charlie Rose theme interpretive dance, and in true O’Malley fashion, a shout-out to Porsche. It’s a tragedy that this show was passed on, but thankfully we can still watch the pilot in all its patriotic glory.

Stop What You’re Doing and Watch Conner O’Malley and […]