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T.I. Once Paid Seth Meyers Hundreds of Dollars for a Good Joke

Photo: Donald Bowers/Getty Images for Connected Ventu

Do you know any good jokes? You might want to start working on some, because if you bump into T.I. on the street and make him laugh, he very well could hand you hundreds of dollars in return. In a new interview with GQ, John Mulaney and Nick Kroll discuss their Broadway show turned Netflix special, Oh, Hello, with Mulaney at one point recalling the time rapper T.I. visited the Saturday Night Live writers room to see what was going on. And apparently also to reward people for their good humor. “He came up to the writers’ room on Saturday Night Live — by the way, no one ever walked up there — and just said, ‘I wanted to see what’s going on in here!’ And we were all like ‘T.I.!’ And Seth [Meyers] made a joke he liked, and he threw, like, five $100 bills on the table and said, ‘I like that.’ And he kept the money.” Well, of course he kept the money. One does not simply push T.I.’s $500 back at him and say “No, thanks.”

T.I. Once Paid Seth Meyers Hundreds of Dollars for a Joke