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You Can Either Thank or Blame Jamie Foxx for Helping Launch Ed Sheeran’s Career

James Blunt famously had Carrie Fisher’s couch to crash on when things got a little tough, but Jamie Foxx has now brought a new dimension to the “fostering up-and-coming musicians” game. You see, when Foxx was hosting a radio show in Los Angeles a handful of years ago, he was entranced by Sheeran’s talent so much that he invited him to stay at his house for a few weeks to help Sheeran get his feet off the ground. And soon enough, an opportunity presented itself for Sheeran to perform at an open-mic night that Foxx organized. “It was like 800 black people, it was all black,” Foxx explained. “So all of a sudden I say, Ladies and gentlemen, Ed Sheeran! He pops out, with red hair and a ukulele … it was just like a movie. I said, Well let’s see what the kid has.” He brought the house down with his ukulele skills, and the rest, as we know, is history. Take that as you will.

Thank or Blame Jamie Foxx for Launching Ed Sheeran’s Career