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The Goat Who Played Black Phillip in The Witch Also Co-Stars in It Comes at Night

Photo: A24

Well, it isn’t technically part of the BPCU (Black Phillip Cinematic Universe), but it’ll more than do. Black Phillip fans will be excited and terrified to know that the breakout star of 2015’s The Witch — or The VVitch: A New England Folktale if you’re the butter-eating, pretty-dress-wearing type — also makes an appearance in A24’s latest horror offering, It Comes at Night. In an interview with Mic, the film’s stars Riley Keough and Christopher Abbott reveal that Charlie, the goat who portrayed The Witch’s malevolent farm animal, returns to play, well, a different goat not named Black Phillip. “Yeah, it was literally the same goat,” Abbott confirms. “He or she wasn’t as featured in our movie, but [it was the] same goat actor.” Is there any way to live more deliciously than being in multiple A24 movies? Sure, yes, flying around naked in the woods with your new friends is up there, but a successful acting career is definitely a close second.

The Goat From The Witch Also Appears in It Comes at Night