‘The President Show’ Reveals How Trump Negotiates International Deals on the Golf Course

Trump has gone to the golf course more times in his first few months in office than any other president, and since Press Secretary Sean Spicer recently told reporters that the golf vacations aren’t for fun but for super important and private business reasons, we haven’t gotten much of a glimpse into what political accomplishments, exactly, our president is making while on these constant getaways. Thankfully that mystery was solved during last night’s President Show, where Anthony Atamanuik’s Trump and his caddy Pence (Peter Grosz) meet on the golf course with a Chinese diplomat and his translator. As it turns out, Trump spends most of his golf games avoiding the steeper slopes, gushing about how much he loves The Purge and Feud (“Great story about two elderly women arguing with each other, and they get put to death at the end, which is my favorite part”), and negotiating the way he does best – while crying and begging on his knees: “Please, God, please please! I’ll do whatever you want! Every Chinese dissident you lock up, I don’t care! Have another Tiananmen Square! You can have another Tiananmen Square!”

‘The President Show’ Reveals How Trump Negotiates […]