The Weeknd Chases Love Through a Sad Kubrick Sex Dream in His New ‘Secrets’ Video

In his newly released video for the song “Secrets,” the Weeknd finally feels secure in a functional relationship, free of infidelity, jealousy, and doubt. Just kidding, The Weeknd looks on, almost comically bummed, as his lover hovers sensuously in front of a stone-faced cadre of co-ed sex magicians. Between the angular architecture, director Pedro Martin-Calero’s use of one-point perspective, and the, you know, giant floating stone cross, his latest video has Abel Tesfaye looking like the saddest boy at an Eyes Wide Shut orgy. Just get out of there, man! You already know you’re going to feel bad about it!

The Weeknd’s New ‘Secrets’ Video Is a Sad Kubrick Sex Dream