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T.J. Miller Says He Wanted His Silicon Valley Exit to Be Definitive, Does Not Intend to Return to the Show

T.J. Miller as Erlich Bachman. Photo: HBO/HBO

Erlich Bachman’s days of rambling on about palapas seem like they’re numbered. Earlier this month, the news broke that T.J. Miller would leave Silicon Valley after this season, and now in an interview with EW, Miller promised that there will be “a lot of closure” for the character. “I, unlike, Nietzsche, am a bigger fan of death than the eternal recurrence,” Miller said, seemingly in-character. The comedian added that he felt that he had learned what he could from the show and wanted to move on to other film, TV, and comedy projects. He does not plan to return for any guest spots in the future.

Bachman’s exit, according to Miller, was written before Miller formally left the show, and conversations between him and the network didn’t take place until “months after” it was filmed. “HBO gave me a couple of options,” he said, “and I said, ‘ Well, look, we’ve got this organic ending, let’s take advantage … I just think the best thing for this show is for this character to fade into the ether. Wouldn’t that be interesting? Wouldn’t that be unexpected?’” So, yeah, it really seems like Erlich’s going to die.

If Miller’s responses to questions about his departure sound frustratingly vague, please enjoy this clip of Larry King demanding answers.

T.J. Miller Wanted His Silicon Valley Exit to Be Definitive