Trevor Noah Recaps Trump’s Bachelor-like Rejection of the Paris Climate Accord

Through President Trump was reportedly leaning toward leaving the Paris Climate Agreement for several days before Thursday’s announcement, the former television star channeled another reality show to keep the drama high. Like any good Bachelor, he pretended that he was really torn between his two final options. Would he follow his heart, or would the desperate screams of top advisers, scientists, and the rest of the world convince him otherwise? Well, just like on the real Bachelor or Bachelorette, his telegraphed choice that the audience expected all along got the final rose (garden announcement). Trevor Noah parodied the speech on The Daily Show: “Earth, we had a great time in the hot tub, but I have to give a rose to Coal. My black beauty, I choose you.” Still, Noah wasn’t entirely unimpressed by the occasion. “Telling nature to go fuck itself while standing in a garden is a pretty gangster move,” Noah quipped. “I’m not going to lie.”

Trevor Noah on Trump’s Bachelor-like Climate Accord Speech