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The Dash-cam Video of Philando Castile’s Murder ‘Broke’ Trevor Noah

Like many, Trevor Noah thought he’d reached his emotional limit over the death of Philando Castile and last week’s acquittal of the cop who shot and killed him. This week alone on The Daily Show, Noah has exposed the hypocrisy in the NRA staying silent when they otherwise would be outraged, and talked about his own frequent experiences with racial profiling in America. But then Noah saw the dash-cam footage of Castile’s murder and says that while it personally “broke” him, “you probably should watch it.” After playing it on last night’s show, Noah explained why: “Forget race, are we all watching the same video? The video where a law-abiding man followed the officer’s instructions to the letter of the law and was killed regardless? People watched that video and then voted to acquit?” The verdict and this footage, Noah says, ultimately prove that “in America, it is officially reasonable to be afraid of a person just because they’re black.”

Trevor Noah: Dash-cam Video of Philando Castile ‘Broke Me’