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Trevor Noah Says He’s Been Stopped by Police in America ‘8 to 10 Times’ in Past 6 Years

Though Trevor Noah’s poignant observation about the NRA’s non-response to the shooting of Philando Castile got a lot of screen time during The Daily Show on Monday, the late-night host wasn’t done talking about Castile’s death. Last week, a Minnesota jury found the police officer who shot and killed Castile during a routine traffic stop, with his girlfriend and her child in the car, not guilty. Before his death, Castile had been stopped by the police dozens of times, despite his do-gooder reputation. Noah shared his own experience as a black man living in America between segments on The Daily Show. The South African comic said that in his six years in the U.S. he’s been stopped by police “at least eight to ten times.” His famous face, or the vehicle he’s driving, haven’t been enough to escape bias from law enforcement. Though it might be hard to say whether each cop involved in the shooting of an unarmed black man is individually racist, Noah asserts that the racism extends to “the police forces themselves.”

Trevor Noah’s Been Stopped by American Cops ‘8 to 10 Times’