Tyler, the Creator and Frank Ocean Reunite for Tyler’s Second New Song of the Day

They’re back for another round.

After a couple years off the music radar — save for some collaborations and work with Kanye — Tyler, the Creator is back with a double whammy. He returned Thursday night with a grotesque new video for new song “Who Dat Boy” where A$AP Rocky gives him a rather botched face transplant (unless that’s the look he was going for, sure), then released a second new song just hours later. The soothing sounds of “911/Mr. Lonely” were teased at the end of “Who Dat Boy,” and now it’s here in full, featuring Frank Ocean. This is Tyler and Frank’s first collaboration since the one-off “Biking” (also featuring Jay-Z) that premiered on Ocean’s blonded radio this year, but it’s their first as just a duo since 2011’s “She.” The song serves as a two-part cry for help from the mind of someone lost in a deep hole of depression in need of someone who will care enough to pull them out. For as lonely as Tyler as sounds, though, he’s got other friends besides Ocean for company — Schoolboy Q, Kilo Kush, and the Internet’s Steve Lacy all appear on the song(s). Coincidentally, “911/Mr. Lonely” is also Ocean’s second new song of the day; he’s featured on Jay-Z’s “Caught Their Eyes.”

Tyler, the Creator and Frank Ocean Reunite on New Song