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You’re Going to Want to Read Lupita Nyong’o’s Wonder Woman Review

Photo: Rindoff/Le Segretain/Rindoff/Le Segretain/Getty

If you’re on the fence about going to see Wonder Woman this weekend, perhaps Lupita Nyong’o can sway you. The actress posted an effusive review on Instagram of the superhero flick, with tons of praise for its star Gal Gadot, co-star Chris Pine, and director Patty Jenkins. (A taste: “Ok people, I just left the theater and KNOW for CERTAIN that the GODS have seen fit to BLESS us.”) The financial success of this highly anticipated film would mean a lot for Warner Bros., DC Comics, and female directors like Jenkins, who are often overlooked for big-budget gigs despite their experience. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Wonder Woman, which is racking up rave reviews over at Rotten Tomatoes, just plain rules. Take Lupita Nyong’o’s word for it.

You Need to Read Lupita Nyong’o’s Wonder Woman Review