band aid

Fred Armisen, Adam Pally, and Zoe Lister-Jones Have a Band, and Now That Band Has a Music Video

In Zoe Lister-Jones’s Sundance breakout Band Aid, which hit theaters Friday, the Dirty Dishes are a fictional band, started as a kind of therapy for the main characters, Anna (Lister-Jones) and Ben (Adam Pally), who decide to turn their constant fights into catchy fight songs, enlisting the help of their sex-addict neighbor Dave (Fred Armisen) to play drums.

In real life, the Dirty Dishes are also a band, featuring Lister-Jones on bass, Pally on guitar, and Armisen on the sticks; they even have a real EP, streaming anywhere you like to stream music, and now they have a real, good music video, which Lister-Jones directed, like Band Aid, with an all-female crew. So we should definitely assume that this is a realistic portrait of Armisen, who seems to have very specific ideas about his peach shirt and the location of his drum set, and likes to say things like, “Martini, martini, hold the work.” He does seem gentle, though. Like a piece of clay with fur on it.

Armisen, Pally, and Lister-Jones Made a Music Video