6 Pictures of Caesar From the Planet of the Apes Movies With a Caesar Haircut

This is a post, in which I will share six photos of Caesar from the new Planet of the Apes series with a Caesar haircut. Yes. That first image above counts as one of the six promised pictures of Caesar, the role for which Andy Serkis really wants an Oscar (or at least a nomination), with a Caesar haircut.

Woah, there’s another. Probably should’ve warned you that they’d be coming at you fast, not unlike life in the Planet of the Apes universe. But now we’ll take a break for a history lesson. Did you know the “Caesar” haircut was named after Julius Caesar, a Roman general who, just like Caesar in the Apes movies, was a beloved leader? Anyway, here’s another picture of Caesar if he had the haircut of the other Caesar:

I know what you’re thinking: No, this post is not sponsored content for CNN’s The Nineties, airing Sundays at 9 p.m. Though I admire your skepticism and knowledge of the ’90s. It was a crazy time, the American ’90s: Friends was the name of the only TV show, TVs were your only friends, and we all learned there was such a thing as oral sex. Oh, and it featured a resurgence of Julius’s signature ’do. At this point, I should note for the rest of the pictures we literally just photoshopped George Clooney’s hair onto Caesar, the talking ape with a heart of gold. See:

Illustration: Vulture and Photo by Twentieth Century

Doesn’t that hair look good? (Four down. Two to go.) Doesn’t that hair say, “People loved me in E.R., but it took a string of box-office bombs for my film career to really take off with Out of Sight?”

Photo: Vulture and Photo by Twentieth Century

Ah, gotcha! That was a surprise one. Sorry, I punked you. Though, you should have expected it. So, are you ready for it to be over? Have you resisted the temptation of putting your thumb on the screen (assuming you’re “reading” this on a “phone”; don’t smudge your laptop screen) and sliding this baby up, just a little, baby? No, you haven’t? You scrolled already? You scrolled through all the images first and then wondered to yourself, What could he possibly have written between these pictures of Caesar — the resolute albeit riddled with self-doubt leader of Northern California’s intelligent ape population — with a Caesar haircut? I guess I’ll just look. It’s Friday.

Photo-Illustration: Vulture and Photo by Twentieth Century

See, six pictures. As promised. Hail Caesar!

6 Pictures of Caesar With a Caesar Haircut