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9 Startling Differences Between Michael Keaton’s Vulture and Vulture, the Website You’re Reading Right Now

Vulture (top), and the Vulture.

If Peter Parker is willing to overlook obvious conflicts of interest in order to provide J. Jonah Jameson with pictures of Spider-Man then so, too, must cross an ethical line to report on Vulture, the new villain played by Michael Keaton in Spider-Man: Homecoming. We’ve already told you plenty about his comic-book history and various costumes, but we know you’ve still got one major question: How different is Michael Keaton’s Vulture from Vulture, the website you’re reading? Fortunately, we have answers.

Keaton’s Vulture is willing to commit murder
Let’s start with perhaps the biggest deviation from the source material, and one that may infuriate Vulture purists: While he’s not an out-and-out serial killer or a Thanos-level mass murderer, Michael Keaton’s Vulture is perfectly unfazed when his criminal pursuits rack up collateral casualties. This portrayal of Vulture as a human who’s willing to kill other humans is a major difference from Vulture the website, which is a website.

Keaton’s Vulture hates Tyne Daly
In the very first scene of Spider-Man: Homecoming, we learn that the Vulture was driven to the dark side when Tyne Daly showed up at his salvage site and claimed it was under her jurisdiction, depriving him of an honest way to make a living. I can safely say there is not a single editor at Vulture the website who would get mad at Tyne Daly, for any reason. If she showed up at our workplace and ordered us to go away, we would do so happily and brag about it in our Twitter bio.

Keaton’s Vulture wants to kill Tom Holland
Has he not seen Lip Sync Battle?

Keaton’s Vulture is a thief
The website version of Vulture does not steal. We aggregate sometimes, but only quote a few lines from the original text and never without attribution.

Keaton’s Vulture destroys the Staten Island Ferry
In one of the movie’s biggest set pieces, Keaton employs alien technology to cut the Staten Island Ferry in half, and Spider-Man must use his webs and his wits to keep the boat together so that hundreds of people onboard don’t die. Would Vulture the website be as cavalier about a Staten Island ferry massacre? I consulted our social-media editor Tara Abell, a Staten Island native. “Listen,” she told me, “as someone who had to drag a drunk friend home on the ferry on St. Patrick’s Day while wearing an Irish sweater and too many green beads, I’m not a huge fan. Even so, I wouldn’t want to murder everyone on the boat. They serve tall boys of Fosters at the cafe.”

Keaton’s Vulture is in his 60s
Though it’s never said in the movie, we can estimate that Keaton’s version of the Vulture is around 65 years old, since that’s the well-maintained Keaton’s actual age. Vulture the website is only ten. So is the iPhone!

Keaton’s Vulture would kill to protect his family
In one fraught scene, Keaton’s Vulture makes things personal for Peter Parker. “I want you to understand that I’d do anything to protect my family,” says the Vulture. “So don’t mess with me, ’cause I will kill you and everybody you love.” As for Vulture the website, we would definitely be sad if something happened to our sister sites the Cut and Select All, but would we be “revenge-murder” sad? Could we say for certain that we had truly expended all our resources on their protection? I’m not sure. We kind of stay in our own lane, you know?

Keaton’s Vulture lives in Queens
Vulture the website is located in Manhattan. You can find our offices in a surprisingly cold building in Hudson Square.

Keaton’s Vulture draws Donald Glover into criminal activity
Vulture the website just wants him to make a second season of Atlanta!

9 Startling Differences Between the Vulture and Vulture