A Ghost Story Delivers the Most Unhinged Drunken Monologue That Will Actually Make You Think

A Ghost Story is a very quiet film. There’s not much talking, and when there is, no one is ever addressing our ghost protagonist (because he’s a ghost). But there is one particularly substantial monologue in the middle of the film about the meaning of life — or lack thereof. In this new, exclusive clip (above) and featurette (below), writer-director David Lowery talks about the origins of the speech and how it underpins the ethos of the entire film. You might recognize a few of the monologue’s key points from the time That One Guy expressed them in your freshman-year dorm room (albeit less elegantly), or from when you yourself got very high last week and waxed poetic about “the seeming meaninglessness of everything when placed against the context of time.”

Watch A Ghost Story’s Crazy Drunken Monologue