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A Little Help Trailer: Kids Say the Darndest Things (Right to Carol Burnett’s Face)

Whether it’s for your Santa belly, your lady mustache, or your weird shirt, everyone has been dressed down by a kid, nature’s harshest and most honest critics. Who better equipped to handle their absolutely devastating, completely unfiltered feedback than comedy legend Carol Burnett? As evidenced by the new trailer for her upcoming unscripted Netflix show, A Little Help With Carol Burnett, the Carol Burnett Show star, along with her celebrity friends, will get advice from what seems to be the world’s cutest little buddies in front of a live audience. According to the platform’s press release, Burnett’s guests will also include everyday “normal” people, but if you want to be the non-famous person who breaks down in front of Carol Burnett, dozens of strangers and the entire Netflix audience when a child asks if you’re 5,000 years old, be our guest. A Little Help With Carol Burnett will premiere sometime in 2018.

A Little Help Promo: Carol Burnett Says the Darndest Things