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American Horror Story: Cult’s New Promo and Poster Features Another Clown and More Bees

So far, practically every new trailer, poster, or promo for American Horror Story: Cult has featured two things: bees and clowns. While the newest, seventh season of the anthology series is centered around the 2016 presidential election, many fans have been left wondering how the eerie, swaying army of clowns in the most recent trailer or the bees featured in an Instagram post from creator Ryan Murphy factor in. Similarly, a new promo and poster released by the show display a clown and, you guessed it, bees, respectively. The above promo, which rivals the most recent trailer for It in its creepiness, has the head of a clown slowly emerging from an oily-looking liquid that’s very reminiscent of a cesspool. Meanwhile, the poster, below, features a literal hive mind: a pale woman with a beehive instead of a brain. Fans of the show will have to see how bees and clowns tie into the show on September 5 when season seven premieres.

American Horror Story: Cult Releases New Promo and Poster