La La Anthony Gives You Just Enough to Help You Imagine You Were at Beyoncé’s Push Party on Watch What Happens Live

La La Anthony is clearly a good friend. She knows not to let the cat out of the bag when it comes to the specifics of Beyoncé’s May push party for her new twins, no matter how violently that cat flails or how easily openable the bag is or even how much we all want to see the cat and how much we hate that its trapped in that bag. Anthony might have showed grace under fire when Andy Cohen peppered her with Beyoncé baby questions on Watch What Happens Live on Sunday night, but you can still glean plenty of info to help you flesh out your Beyoncé push party of the mind: backyard BBQ food, Michelle Williams on the guest list, no gift-opening, and Tina Knowles turning it up to 50. It’s so little information, and yet more than Bey would let slip about her entire life. Outside the context of an album, of course.

Andy Cohen Grills La La Anthony About Beyoncé’s Push Party