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Baywatch Is Doing Great in Germany, Where They Still Love David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff.

The film Baywatch, which stars, in order of importance, muscles, the Rock, and Zac Efron, didn’t light up the U.S. box office, earning just $57.6 million so far, but it’s done surprisingly well overseas, racking up more than $101 million outside the U.S., because international audiences love muscles, the Rock, Zac Efron, and most important, David Hasselhoff. The Hollywood Reporter points out that the film has surpassed box-office expectations in Germany, where Hasselhoff, who makes a brief cameo in the film, is known both as the star of the Baywatch series and as a singer (he famously performed his anthem “Looking for Freedom” at the Berlin Wall in 1989, weeks before it fell). So far, the film has made $16 million in Germany alone, the most of any foreign market, earning German citizens a shout-out from the the Rock’s own Instagram account. Now all the Rock needs to do to cement his status as a German hero is star in an adaptation of Starlight Express.

Baywatch Is a German Box-Office Hit: Thank David Hasselhoff