‘Bob’s Burgers’ Will Air an Hour-Long Christmas Musical Special in December

Bob’s Burgers has an extra special Christmas present in store for fans this year. According to Entertainment Weekly, Loren Bouchard announced at Comic-Con on Friday that the animated series will air a one-hour musical Christmas special on Fox in December, which will feature Adam Driver in a guest role. “It should feel almost like a little Christmas movie,” Bouchard said on the episode. “It’s kind of epic. It’s got an hourlong feel to it.”

In addition to the Christmas special, Bouchard revealed that season 8 will feature an episode drawn entirely by fans:

The panel also unspooled a sneak peek at the season 8 premiere, a “completely fan-drawn episode,” Bouchard said, featuring a “new style in every scene.” The show solicited fan-animated (fanimated?) from viewers earlier this year in three categories: title sequence animations, background static panel, and character static panel. “It is crazy-making to watch, but it is also incredible,” Bouchard teased. “It’s so fun to hear these guys’ words coming out of a different design.”

The new season premieres on Fox Sunday, October 1st.

‘Bob’s Burgers’ Will Air an Hour-Long Christmas […]