Breaking: Brad Howe and Mike Cullen Have Shticks

Welcome back to our crisp internet pages, Brad Howe and Mike Cullen!

Now that my Twitter replies saying these videos would be featured have brought you here, I’d like to congratulate you both on your respective shticks. In a world where nothing is certain and insecurity rages like the mighty Mississippi after a very very big storm, you’ve honed in on what makes your sensibilities unique and have given us two commendable additions to the web video canons you’ve built.

Brad, your folksy, church lovin’ dad appeal hasn’t wavered in the least from My Son’s First Taurus and Mike, our favorite Sad Boss, your hanging-on-by-a-thread everyman has only matured over these past four years.

Kudos to both of you, and keep the shticks alive.

“Townies: Hot Tub Cartoon,” by Brad Howe, Sydney Hollis, and Michael Dwyer

“Hey! Check Out My New Gun,” by Mike Cullen

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Breaking: Brad Howe and Mike Cullen Have Shticks