Charli XCX Conveniently Put All Your Internet Boyfriends in One Music Video to Swoon Over

To quote a genius: “Boys! Sometimes a girl just needs one.” Or, in the case of Charli XCX’s video for her excellent new song “Boys,” how about 50 of ’em? For a game of spot-your-crush, Charli XCX has enlisted every internet boyfriend you can dream of — Cameron Dallas, Riz Ahmed, Joe Jonas, Stormzy, hell, even Charlie Puth and the Fat Jew, and a few dozen more moderately famous boys — for a collage of swooning. Who can resist the charm of Khalid with colorful puppies? Joe Jonas with birthday pancakes? Brendon Urie on a bed of roses? Riz Ahmed with a pink teddy bear? RIZ AHMED WITH A PINK TEDDY BEAR! Never say Charli XCX did nothing for you.

Charli XCX Put All Your Internet Boyfriends in One Video