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Colin Trevorrow Wants to Assure You He’s Still the Right Choice for Star Wars, Despite, You Know, The Book of Henry Being a Thing

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

When The Book of Henry opened earlier this year to an overwhelmingly negative critical consensus — here at Vulture, we called it a unique kind of terrible — people began to ponder if the film’s director, Colin Trevorrow, would be affected by the panning. Specifically: Would Trevorrow lose his upcoming Star Wars: Episode IX directing gig because of it? All signs are currently pointing to no, but that doesn’t mean Trevorrow isn’t defending himself. In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the director is insisting that he’s still the best man for the job and fans of the franchise shouldn’t worry. “Not only did I grow up on these stories, like all of us did, [but] I think that the values of Star Wars are values that I hold very close and very dear in my life,” he explained. “I feel that the message of the way that the Force teaches you to treat other people and show respect for others, and the way it guides you through life, is really important to me. And I hope everybody would realize that that set of stories has affected me as deeply in my life as it has affected them.”

Trevorrow said the main “challenge” for him is going to be recognizing that everyone has a different relationship and connection to Star Wars stories. “And I need to make a film that you’ll appreciate, even if your experience with it was different,” he continued, “which is making something that will be deeply emotionally resonant and satisfying for people all around the world. And I think about it a lot.” Feel better?

Colin Trevorrow Insists He’s the Best Director for Star Wars