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Daisy Ridley Returns As Rey in This Lovely Animated Star Wars: Forces of Destiny Short

Lucasfilm Animation is kicking off a new venture highlighting the women of Star Wars with Forces of Destiny, a weeklong series of short films narrated by Maz Kanata (Lupita Nyong’o). The premiere episode, which launched Monday, centers on Rey as she tries to fend off a Nightwatcher worm trying to devour BB-8. It’s a nice little short, playing as a mini–origin story for the character and providing an early glimpse of how she uses the Force. It’s also a wonderful reprisal for Daisy Ridley; even though it’s a voice-only performance, it’s the perfect bite-size reminder of how good she is in the role, ahead of The Last Jedi’s release on December 15.

Watch Daisy Ridley Return As Rey in This New Star Wars Short