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Stephen Colbert Enlisted a Paranoid Pup to Explain Why He’s Really Afraid of Fireworks This Fourth of July

If your dog has seemed especially on edge about sitting through a fireworks display this Fourth of July, allow this pup, enlisted by Stephen Colbert’s Late Show, to help explain why. Certainly, “boom boom scary time” remains a legitimate concern for our canine brethren, but they’re not blind to what’s going on around them either: They know the world is in flux right now. “Honestly, we’re a little on edge about North Korea,” the dog explains, nervously. “What you humans see as an Instagrammable patriotic display, we experience as a life-or-death situation.” (Good timing, that dog has.) If you weren’t already struggling to get into the Independence Day spirit this year, just be aware that the dog you love but plan on dragging to the park won’t merely hate the lights and noise — because, like the rest of us, these dogs can’t seem to get geopolitical crisis off the mind nowadays.

Colbert Has a Dog Explain What’s So Scary About Fireworks