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You Can Now Watch Emily Blunt Actually Move As Mary Poppins in This New ‘Motion Poster’

We’ve already had a glimpse of her enigmatically looking away in that hat, and then contentedly smiling on that bike, but for the first time as of Saturday, you can now see Emily Blunt in actual motion as none other than Mary Poppins. That’s right: Following the Mary Poppins Returns footage reveal at D23, Disney launched a new “motion poster” over the weekend, a silent and short tease in which Blunt twirls that trademark umbrella and unveils a piercing new smirk. Indeed, there’s a slight bite to her Poppins in this brief preview, perhaps a result of the actress’s relatively “acerbic and vain and weird” take on the iconic character. As for when we might get to hear Blunt speak and sing as Poppins, stay tuned: A short trailer premiered at D23, but there’s no word, exactly, on when (or if) it’ll become public. No matter, we can hardly wait. Mary Poppins Returns hits theaters December 25, 2018.

Savor This Tease of Emily Blunt Smirking As Mary Poppins